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Castle de Haar, Utrecht

A brand new story!

In December, experience the magic again during The Luminous Nights of Castle de Haar.

In the lush castle park, Lindert is ready to tell you a brand new story. With his gnarled branches he leafs through the ancient book of fairy tales from the castle's treasury. His eye falls on a story about distant travels and mysterious souvenirs...

You will be entranced by a compelling animated film. The park of Castle de Haar is transformed into the largest open-air cinema in the Netherlands.

Illuminated paths and impressive projections form the backdrop as he lets his deep voice ring out. Page after page unfolds an enchanting story that moves young and old. Under the shimmering rays of light, Lindert takes you on an unforgettable adventure.

The castle park becomes a magical place where dreams seem to come true.

Relive The Luminous Nights 2022

"Date night to The Luminous Nights of the Hair. It was incredibly cozy, fairy-tale like! This is highly recommended for young and old."
Pascal Arends
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"Wauwww so beautiful. We have been there tonight highly recommended!"
Willeke Spruitenburg
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"Wow, you really just step into a fairy tale for your senses. So enjoyed thanks!"
Ilse Aker
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